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"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy, but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning."
- Plato

"Being able to inspire to learn is a gift. Those who choose the path of education share a common bond to bettering ourselves and the lives of those we teach. Improving one improves all. Music has too long been underestimated for its' ability to reach brain function and learning on all levels. Integrating music curriculum with sequential teaching systems is essential for basic human development."
- Aaron Plunkett


"Music & Percussion From Around The World"

My name is Aaron Plunkett. I have dedicated my life to studying, learning and teaching world cultures through percussion and drumming. I have an extensive educational background as well as a long list of accolades in performance and studio work including the recent box office hit "Titanic." I spent two years traveling the world in order to gain the understanding and cultural knowledge needed to create a learning system that would inspire and motivate my students to not only learn how to play an instrument but, would teach language, math and the desire to learn about themselves and about cultures. In my program music teaches math and language while gaining respect and understanding of culture and history.


Aaron Plunkett is the founder of the Ojai Valley Whale Society , a non-profit organization dedicated to exhuming, recreating and preserving California's first two fossilized 25,000,000 year old toothed, baleen whales, "Louie and Wendell Plunkettsaurus," Ojaicetus plunkettdentus.

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Educational Abstract

The following is a sample outline and follow-up assignments with regard to the educational program, Percussion From Around the World.

This program coupled with audience participation demonstrates the playing of several instruments and musical styles. It emphasizes how music can serve as a universal form of communication and act as a method for improving self-awareness and self-confidence.


The program is designed to be flexible and suitable for elementary thru high school and college level students.
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