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Music and Percussion From Around the World clinics, workshops and residency Testimonials:

You're a treasure trove and the breadth, easy understanding and joy of your work is
absolutely amazing.

B. Walsh
Admissions Dean
Crossroads School

Dear Aaron,
Thank you for your wonderful performance for the students of our Charter School! The concert worked on many levels. It was clear from the outset that the students would participate. Your audio-visual displays of slides and music were not only attractive to the students, but were a quality presentation of percussive arts from many cultures and locations. It is exactly this kind of cross-connection that raises both interest and excitement in the musical arts. Well Done!

Thank you for your fine work.
Andy R.
Ojai Youth Symphony Musical Director

Mr. Plunkett,
I loved your educational approach. It was so easy to follow right along. I loved the words you used for all the sounds. I am truly amazed, thrilled and astonished at your percussion ability. Your world tour was fantastic! The flexibility of your hands in the World Beats is truly “awesome”. What a rare privilege and how graciously you share your knowledge.
Gratefully, Mary
Mary S.
DANIEL BOONE'S Great Grand Daughter

Aaron Plunkett presented a percussion performance for our students during our Cultural Awareness week. During the performance he instructed, engaged and performed in a wonderfully entertaining manner. It is often difficult to hold the attention of youngsters for extended periods of time but Aaron did it with ease. He brought to the performance a sense of history and culture that was fascinating as well as instructive. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any other group or organization. 
Laura F
Education Director, Valley Oaks Charter School

Dear Mr. Plunkett, Thank you for your entertaining and enjoyable performance as part of the Fall preview of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. It was wonderful to see the participants learn something new and have an experience to continue talking about long after the event. 
Connie C. Ph.D., LCSW
Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Professor, School of Social Work

“Your cross-curricular education program, Music and Percussion From Around The World, is excellent and is a comprehensive course to be taught at all levels of education, Grammar, Junior High and High School levels as well as for parents and teachers alike. Having your education course employed at the different levels of education assists my job as students come to class prepared, educated and attuned to play music.”
Bill W.
Nordhoff High School Music Director

Dear Aaron,
Thank you for helping to make our family reuinion in Ojai such a memorable experience.  I marveled at your abililty to entertain and teach some pretty intricate drumming tecniques not only to the adults but to even capture the attention, and maintain the interest of the youngest members.  We all had a great time.  It's interesting to me how you can help people learn more about their own culture and ancestry. You seem to have a vast knowledge of world music and drumming techniques and I think of you as one who has the rhythm of the world under his belt. Your video was very informative. Best wishes, and may you enjoy continued success in this important life's work.
Olga Jones

I am interested in your educational programs. I'm finding that percussion is a wonderful "attention getter" for teaching music education and that what I saw you doing at Nordhoff High School could springboard into a 6-8 week curriculum for elementary children that focuses on the integration of language, arts and math. I would love to discuss it with you, if we can coordinate our schedules. How about some time after the holidays?
Tim P.
Education Director
Ojai Music Festivals, Ltd.

Aaron Plunkett gave a thorough presentation of his range of performances and interactive workshops for both business and social settings. I hired Aaron for a private party. He was very professional throughout the event from nonobtrusively setting up equipment to teaching us beats of different cultures. Even the most reluctant individuals were motivated and participated. Our family and friends who work in the music business appreciated his expertise. Everyone had a ball! I hope to have Aaron perform or do workshops at my business.
Kathy H.
Lavender Inn
Ojai, California

We are very happy to announce to you that we will receive a grant for your performance at the Shumei Hall. Approximately 560 children and teachers will attend our concert. We look forward to enjoying your performance.
Thank you very much,
Jane I.
Executive Director
The Shumei Arts Council of America, Inc.

Your ability and professional approach to utilizing the power of music to teach core-curricular subjects in the classroom was extremely engaging and gave us lots to use right away. The resource materials were fabulous.You gave super ideas for energizing the classes with active involvement and your personality, talent and enthusiasm was clearly conveyed on to the students. The audience couldn't help but sit back,relax and start clapping their hands and tapping their feet. We look forward to having you back.
Celeste M.
Education Director
Ojai Music Festivals, Ltd.

That was one of the best workshops. Thank you very much. The lesson
schedule looks good. I will have to plan accordingly and book a 4lesson program.
Mike DeMenno
Manager REMO Recreational Music Center

Just a note to thank you for a great clinic. Your program was well-conceived,fun, informative and perfectly attuned to the age level of the class.The hands-on aspect of your presentation was particularly appropriate and allowed the children to experience directly the power of percussion. The enthusiasm generated at the workshop has carried over into my classes and has launched us full speed into all aspects of music, rhythm, notation, metered speech/language and movement. Let's do it again soon. Best regards,
Tom Armbruster
Music Director Sequoyah School

Thank you again for last night's performance class at REMO. I truly enjoyed the lessons, and I've been practicing my bones since the time I left (including while I was driving!!)

Parent / Teacher / Student Testimonials:

Hi Aaron,
I can't begin to thank you enough for how you have positively influenced Bret. I appreciate the way you uphold his self-esteem when he needs correcting or when he forgets something. As soon as we got in the car last night he said...Did you hear how fast I could play that? You chose just the right words to say to him about the band situation,and I think he'll go to the practice today with a stronger belief in himself and his abilities. Please know how blessed we are to have you as a positive influence and role model for Bret.
Thank you,
June S.
Elementary School Teacher

Greetings Mr. Plunkett,
I would first like to congratulate and thank you for your wonderful percussion site. I accessed your site and found it to be invaluable to my research efforts and to the percussive pedagogy of our musicalcommunity.Your pages are most informative and educational. Thank you very much. I will recommend your site to students and fellow teachers and musicians alike.
Best wishes to you.
Sincerely yours,
Kenne T.
Author and College Music Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for giving my two sons, Aaron and Jeffrey,so much of your skill, work ethic and even your life's philosophy.Last Saturday I went to Royal H.S. for the Jazz competition and was standing near one of the adjudicators and I heard him say, " Nice drumming.... of all the drummers I've listened to today, he is the most accurate, concise and intricate, a 10!" I loved it and I am so proud of his hard work and dedication.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Moe K.
Father of two

Thank you Aaron! And thank you so much for calling! It was a very caring
thing to do. I will email you to arrange for my son's first lesson.
Take care and again, thank you,
Susie T.
Home Schoolers Association

Hi there, Sir!
I very much appreciated your follow-up. I have to say that your comments on perpetuating the music through teaching really resonated with what my husband and I enjoy most about working with kids. It's always nice to feel you've met someone who's enjoyment of their craft is just as contingent on passing it on and sharing it with others as it is a personal bliss. It's such a great universal feeling of community. I look forward to seeing you next week for my lesson.
Sherry F.
Professors' Assistant
California Institute of Technology